Stan Tavanese

"Professional, honest and knowledgeable guidance"

Buying and/or selling a house has always been an event my wife and I have met with mixed feelings. Questions like: How long will it take to sell? Will we get a fair price? Will the closing go smooth? Will I find a new house in my price range that fits all the criteria we need? Can I trust my agent to steer me in the right direction and clear of any “Mine Fields”? Having bought and sold over a dozen homes throughout the years, these questions and others are the ones my wife and I have dealt with time and time again. We met Rich Lopez and Sunny Vermas in 2004 when we decided we wanted to buy a second home in Maui. We had been traveling to Maui for a few years and thought we knew where we wanted to live on this beautiful island. Working with Rich, we soon discovered we wanted to be in the Kapalua area of Maui and found the perfect villa within our price range. The purchase was the easiest and most efficient we had ever made. Everything took place as promised and on time. We love our second home in Maui so much, that we are now planning on making Maui our permanent home in the not too distant future. I can’t say enough how much we appreciated the professional, honest, and knowledgeable guidance we received from Sunny and Rich. I only wish I had met you both when we purchased our first home some 35 years ago. Not only are Rich and Sunny the best realtors we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, but we have developed a friendship that will be life long. Anyone considering buying a home on Maui, owes it to themselves to consult with Rich and Sunny first.

— Stan Tavanese, Buyer