Candace Horton

Real Estate Sales


Phone: (808) 276-4903


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Candace moved to Maui in 1975 on a one-way ticket, two bags, a bike and $600 in her pocket.  That was then. Now she knows the island like the back of her hand and has made an abundance of friends.

Her first job was with Kaanapali Beach Hotel as a cashier selling tickets for the Luau.  In 1977 Candace moved to The Whaler as a front desk clerk and in 1978 was hired by RockResorts to open the new Kapalua Bay Hotel.  She quickly moved up to head accountant supervisor.  In 1980 Candace moved to Oahu to help open the Honolulu Club as a cocktail server.  After one year she returned to her home on Maui and was hired at the Hyatt Regency Maui as a poolside cocktail server.  After 15 years on the deck, she moved behind the bar.  Now 18 years later she is still there … “The Closer at Umalu Bar”.

Candace received her Real Estate license in 1989.  Her specialty has become luxury homes; including private estates, vacation and residential condos throughout Maui.  She is also a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in restructuring body alignment and injuries.

Candace loves to travel whenever her busy schedule permits.  Her travels have taken her to Bali, Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand,Argentina, the UK and throughout Europe.  She has made and retained many friendships throughouther many travels.

Between her very busy schedule Candace still finds time to enjoy her favorite sports like running Marathons and Hawaiian canoe racing!  For the past three years she has run the Honolulu Marathon.  She ran in the 1st HonoluluMarathon in 1980 and is still running today…”Run Candace Run”.  Candace began canoe-racing in 1977.  Although now retired from canoe racing,she participated in the NYC Hudson River Iron race this in 2014.  Her crew were the oldest women in the race…they didn’t win, but they didn’t lose either.  And of course, there’s golf, yoga, tennis, swimming, sailing, hiking…. Candace does it all!She says “I can make you a drink, give you a massage and sell you a house all in one day!

Sunny VerMaas, Principle Broker at Maui Paradise Properties says that “Candace is like the Ever Ready Bunny, and has an unbelievable amount of energy.  If you need to get something done Candace is your agent.”