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Maui Landscaping with Natural, Eco-Friendly Techniques

By diane-bercik | May 15, 2018 | Maui Living

Using natural, eco-friendly landscaping techniques helps to keep Maui beautiful. Thankfully anyone can employ these techniques with relative ease and fantastic results. When it doubt, seek out one of Maui’s many skilled landscaping professionals for assistance with certain tasks, particularly when there are safety issues to be concerned about.

Go Local

Everything you use for your garden – not just the plants – should be local.

This maintains Maui’s local ecosystem and prevents potential disasters from occurring  when introducing non-native materials and organisms.

Going local is good for the community too. It boosts the local economy and strengthens the community’s ties to the environment.

Minimal Water and Energy

Design your landscaping for minimal water and energy consumption.

There are a few techniques for this that work exceptionally well, such as xeriscaping and zeroscaping.

Try incorporating non-plant materials, like rock and wood, that require no water.

If you have a lighting system, keep it efficient with long-lasting bulbs.

Irrigation System

You’ll want to make sure your irrigation system is high-quality, running properly, and optimized for efficiency.

Have a professional inspect your system from time-to-time to ensure everything is working properly. Often problems can occur without you even realizing it and a professional can help you to avoid costly problems and water waste.