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How to Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Maui, Hawaii
There is so much to explore and enjoy in Maui that one trip is not enough, but it's a start.
October 08, 2017

Maui’s breathtaking natural beauty, resorts, and an assortment of tourist attractions make it a must destination to unwind or for adventure.

There is so much to explore and enjoy in Maui that one trip is not enough, but it’s a start.

The best way to explore the island to your enjoyment is to have a taste of everything, sun, beach and the ocean in one day, trekking the different national parks and forest reserve for one or two days and an unforgettable day trip to Hana.

  • Depending on the location of your accommodations you can explore the nearest beach in the area upon arrival. Maui’s 30-mile stretch of beaches offers you soft golden, red and black sand, and of course warm waters. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, perfect for swimming, picnics, and naps in the afternoon, snorkeling and calming strolls as the sun sets. You have a choice of Makena Beach State Park, Palauea, Oneuli and Charlie Young Beach just to name a few.
  • After a good long rest on the first day set yourself up for the adventure of a lifetime trekking the beautiful rainforest and national parks. On top of the list is Haleakala National Park. Prepare yourself for the overwhelming beauty of the summit of Haleakala volcano and its surrounding sacred landscapes with astonishing colors of red, green and dark ash. Soak into a meditative state these landscapes evoke. Other treks and hikes not to be overlooked are Lahaina Pali West trail (a local favorite) - ocean view and Waihe’e Ridge Trail - forest reserve.
  • Enjoy one whole day in Hana - East of Maui, traveling to Hana is as enjoyable as the destination. For this, a guide is a must so you can sit back, relax and soak in the winding Hana highway going to the quaint town almost untouched by time. Explore it on foot, gather picnic goodies and spend lunch and the afternoon at Hana Bay. There’s so much to see in Hana. It’s best to have an early start.
  • Last day and night at Maui, spend it as you wish, either exploring another mountain-side or by the beach, swimming, eating, napping and strolling. Come night time, explore Maui after dark, its bars with live music and entertainment. Enjoy local entertainment, and the different mixes of music Maui’s restaurants and bars offer.

Have a taste of everything Maui offers, the sun, soft sand beaches, beautiful mountains and ocean views, waterfalls and quaint towns. For sure, you’ll be planning your next trip to the island in no time.

How to Landscape on the Island of Maui with Natural, Eco-Friendly Techniques
Through these techniques, you can lower water use, energy consumption, and the number of non-native species. You can have a landscape perfect for Maui, and ideal for its continued beauty and health.
August 17, 2017

Natural, eco-friendly techniques for landscaping can help keep Maui the beautiful place it is.

Through these techniques, you can lower water use, energy consumption, and the number of non-native species. You can have a landscape perfect for Maui, and ideal for its continued beauty and health.

Thankfully, techniques for a natural, eco-friendly landscape are easy and manageable. Anyone can jump right in with relative ease and fantastic results. Make sure, however, that you're paying attention to safety.

If necessary, have a professional assist you or take care of certain tasks. This will make sure that you get high-quality results that match what you're after.

Go Local

Everything you use for your garden, not just the plants, should be local. 

Going local helps the local environment. It maintains the ecosystem, and it prevents potential disasters that can occur when you begin introducing non-native materials and organisms.

Beyond that, going local is going for the community, too. Going local strengthens the community and the community’s ties to the environment. 

It teaches culture, and it makes the local culture a more important aspect of everyday life.

Minimal Water and Energy

Build a landscape that requires minimal water and energy consumption.

There are a few options for this, like xeriscaping and zeroscaping, which work exceptionally well.

These use specific types of plants as well as a particular design to reduce water consumption.

You also incorporate more of other materials, like rock and wood that require no water.

For your lighting system, if you use one, keep it efficient.

Energy efficiency is the top priority here. Something that lasts a long time and requires minimal energy will help immensely.

You can do this while still having the same look and effect you want out of a lighting system.

Irrigation System

If you use an irrigation system, you want to make sure that it works correctly, is efficient, and is high quality. 

Have a professional come in to look through your irrigation system and make sure that you have a good one installed.

Problems with an irrigation system can occur at any time without you realizing it.

Having a professional make sure that everything is okay and working well can avoid disaster, costly problems, and water waste.

Thanks to what we have available in Maui, you can get a beautiful, natural, and eco-friendly landscape up in no time.

The Best Beaches to Spend a Day on the Island of Maui
A day at the beach means soaking in the sun, sand, and water; and enjoying the various water activities available.
August 14, 2017

Maui is the ultimate island for a nature trip; the breeze from the Pacific, the trade winds, local food, beaches and picturesque mountain views. 

But a Hawaiian vacation won’t be complete if you don’t explore the different beaches in Maui.

A day at the beach means soaking in the sun, sand, and water; and enjoying the various water activities available.

Here are the different beaches you shouldn’t miss while on the island:

  • Charlie Young Beach - Named after a long-time resident of the area, the beach is near a residential district. It’s one of the best beaches to swim at although there are no lifeguards. There are facilities such as portable restrooms and showers. Parking is limited to the side of South Kihei Road, so it’s best to start early, get a good parking spot, and enjoy your day at the beach.
  • Kaanapali Beach - This beach is dominated by a dozen or so luxury resorts, some golf courses, shopping malls and thousands of cabanas and beach chairs. Because of its enormous size, you won’t have a problem finding your place in the sun here, just make sure to bring your own shade. At the northern end of Kaanapali is Black Rock, a great area for scenic views of the coastline and snorkeling or diving off the rocky cliff.
  • Kahekili Beach - Kahekili is the other side of Black Rock, another long stretch of golden sand beach and home to a few sea turtles. Count yourself lucky if you encounter one of these sea creatures on the beach or in the nearby water. It has full facilities such as a picnic ground and showers but no lifeguards.
  • Pailoa Black Sand Beach - The best black sand beach in Maui is part of the Waianapanapa State Park. The surrounding scenic view is invitation enough to spend a relaxing day on this beach with its beautiful black sand. It’s a rare treat to see velvety black beach within a lush trail of trees and different tropical plants. Pailoa may not be perfect for swimming but enjoy the sand, wade along the shore and hike to one of the lava tubes. It has full facilities except for lifeguards.
  • Red Sand Beach - Red Sand is also known as Kaihalulu Beach and is one of most beautiful beaches in the world. A few meters off the shore is a sharp, natural stone wall that protects the beach and creates a pool safe for swimming. The beach has no facilities or lifeguards. Nonetheless, it is a must-see beach in Maui to have a picnic and a dip into the Pacific.

Explore Maui from south to north and east to west, enjoy the scenic view from long winding highways, and relax on the different beaches the island has to offer.

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